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You are toxic to me

We both are

Into each other

I know it's not healthy 

I know it's not right

I know something is wrong

Yes, something had happened

But I am too scared to admit

That I need him even more than I think

I couldn't let him go

We couldn't let each other go

That's the problem

That's our problem

That's my problem

Even he could leave anytime


It would be the scariest thing I could ever think 

I would do anything

Even begging please

To make him stay

Because living and existing here wasn't worth unless with him

It's making me so low and useless

I don't think I was worthy enough for you

At least, please stay 

I still remember those things and promises you said

You will make it happen

You will

We will

This heart have hurt so much honestly

It couldn't endure any pain 

Couldn't even get enough scars on my wrist too.

-Vivian Lin


  • Jan 24, 2020

  • I can understand

    Jan 24, 2020

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