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I'm Wilson I'm a city boy. Not spoiled but 1 day in NYC it was winter. I have 2 brothers Joe and Ron. I woke up and went for a walk, when I returned my house was burnt down there's was a note. If you want to get your family back come here. There was a address. It was in Missouri. Where I was from my dad left us because he couldn't get a job so he had to steal so he got caught in thrown in jail. So we moved here after a few months. I told the police they said boy were aware of this we gave up an hour ago.they They gave me a flash light. So I got a taxi I had 139$ at the time so I said how much can I get with this he said well where u going? I said Missouri. Oh well I can get you there. It was a long drive we stopped at a old apartment. I man with a pipe opened the door and hit me upside the head. I woke up laying down and tape around my mouth and hands I saw my Brothers and Mom. Still knocked out. My brother Joe has a pocket knife I grabbed a It and cut my hands free. I left my family because the criminals would realize so I called the police they came. I guess I fell asleep when I woke up my family was gone and the police just arrived. I looked at a window it was broken there was a rope tied to the chair. I seen 2 men carrying some people in a wrapped up bandage IT WAS MY FAMILY being took off by some crooks I went down the rope and followed them. They went through a alley I crouched by a dumbstar. There was a man saying here's your MONEY I'll take the bodies I still had the knife so I cut a bag with a breathing hole. And socked em both upside the head with a rock. And but the bags over the head and the hole let them breath. I seen the man get ina van and through my family in the back he was heading to the police station before he went in he put on a disguse I guess he was wanted. So I got my family out and was only able to get my Brothers and told the police. They took my Brothers to the hospital. I needed to get my mom. I was 15 joe was 8 Ron was 17. I found my mom and my Brothers came the dude was about to through her in thr lake. I hit him but he put me mom down and hit me my nose was bleedin I grabbed Joe and told him to run I'll meet him at the park. Ron was mad he was strong and older than me and good fighter. So he started hitting the guy and it was a bloody mess I was able to get mom and get her to safety. I came back and Ron was on the ground screaming saying GOD HELP ME . I saw the man running suddenly he was shot by......... .. A guy with a m12 and big beard and torn up shirt. Mom was at the hospital with Joe. Rob refused to go to the hospital so this stranger that killed the gang member who almost killed us bandaged the guy up he said hes a doctor I said oh cool my dad was a doctor he said wait whats your name I said Wilson he said SON! We hugged cryin our eyes out I said why did you leave us he said I'll explain later lets check on your brother he was a little better he could walk now. So we turned the guy in. And went to the hospital and checked up on mom they said she might be in here a while there's a 70% chance she won't make it we tried not to cry 2 days later we got a check fron the bank since we had no money we stayed at the hospital. And the bank gave us a check for 200k the guy was wanted for 2k but the bank diad a rich man gave us 198k more because he was sorry so yea. We got a nice tiny apartment. And started living a normal life till we heard bad news. Ma died the same day we got our check she was having a husband far away because dad left us we didn't know about her rich bf. He fave us the money and mived in with us we liked him and all lived a good life.


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    Jan 24, 2020

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