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I look up and the sky is so dark. 
A void that is missing in my heart. 
I feel the tear gently fall down my soft cheek. 
The warmth of it burning from your memory. 
As I lowered my head the tear fell to the ground creating a spark. 
Looking up there was a single light, a beautiful bright star tearing its way through the darkness.
Its light shined on the spot where my tear had laid to rest.
I stepped forward standing in the magical light. 
Its glow began to surround me.
Starting at my feet and slowly going around. 
As the glow started to spark I could see a form shaping in front of me. 
Suddenly it was clear time see. 
It was you.
As the glow and sparks got tighter we wrapped our arms around each other.
Once again we has together never to part.
My feet was no longer touching the ground. 
The star was pulling us out of the darkness, into the light where we belong together. 


  • Jan 24, 2020

  • this is beautifulšŸ–¤

    Jan 24, 2020

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