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Act 1

I was in the stall, right next too the door looking through a hole. The target walked in, I jumped out the door, I hit him with a lead pipe. After I wacked him, I strangled him, from behind. "Hey, I got the target." I said in the phone, I was talking too the manager. A worker came in, and put the body in the bag, he put it on his cart, the body will be in the basement for cleaning. The body must be disposed, taken far way, and burnt. The police won't know how it got there, but they'll know it was the mob. 

This hotel is ran as a cover up, our gang built it, and we own it too bring other gangster's, who think it's neutral territory, only to be wacked. We also use it for business, alot of the people here are mobsters, all of the workers are, but most of the customers, aren't. It keeps our cover, if the police raid here, they can't arrest all of us. Some of the rooms had trap, those traps would gas out gangster, but if they weren't in one of those rooms we have someone kill them, after there death they be brought too the basement. 

I walked up too the bosses room. "I killed him with a lead pipe, and strangled him." I told the boss. "Good. It's the easiest way too hide, we'll make it look like he got hit by a rock... and someone strangled." The boss said. "We got another contract." He said as he slid me my money. "He killed Jimmy. 15k for his death. He'll be here tomorrow." I shocked his hand. 

I saw his car pull up too the hotel, it went into the fake garage. The fake garage, was a garage, but there was no way in the hotel from there, and it could be used as a cage. I tightened my grip as I got closer, he went for the fake door. He noticed the wall infront of the door, I hit him with the bat. I then shut the garage door, as I got my gun, I shot him once in the head. I sent him too the basement, there a trap door that slides the victim into the basement. 

The garage opened, I saw another mobster, he had a shotgun. "That was my kill." He said. "Wait, wait. I've already killed him, if you kill me, they'll put a contract on your head, for the same reason." I said. I could see it in his face, he was reconsidering it. "Go. Go before I change my mind!" He said. I ran past him, straight too the  bosses room. 

"I killed him with a pistol, and hit him with a bat." I told the bat. "Good." He said. "But, a man nearly killed me after, he was using a shotgun. I think it was tom." I said. "I'll have him dead." He replied. I then left the room, I saw tom walking in, and I heard gunfire. 

I went into the basement, I was ordered too drive his body away. We were gonna dump him in the woods, and burned his body. I put him in a cab, I put him in the trunk. I drove in the cab too the edge of the city, I threw his body away, in the fire pit. My partner go out of the cab, he then shot me twice in the chest with the shotgun. 

Act 2 

I woke up in a hospital, my friend was visiting. I called her muffin, see was a prostitute, she would prostitute herself too normal people at the hotel. "Don't worry, the boss doesn't want you dead, he was a working alone. The boss wants me too keep an eye on you." Muffin said. I was unable too speak, I found out later he damage my lungs. I made it out of the hospital, making a full recovery. 

I was discarded later that week, muffin was my ride. "The boss wants me too show his apologies." She said. "Why doesn't he?" I asked. She chuckled. "That's would be gay." She laughed. I then realized what she ment, she turn too the hotel. "But, you have an STD." I remarked. "Then, let's make a stop at the drug store." She said. We did it in her room. 

I went back to my room, another one of my friends came with me. He was a drug dealer, he sold weed too the costumers. "The boss would like to apologize." He said handing me a joint. I grab a lighter, and smoked. 

I was getting a check up when I learned the unthinkable. "You have lung cancer." The doc said with no pain in his voice. "It's stage 1, get into treatment." The news was life changing, they managed too fight it, and they made it go away, but it could come back. I got addicted too having sex with muffin, and smoking weed. 

I was going into the kitchen, when I got a call from the boss. "I'm sorry, your addiction is gonna attract too much attention." He said. "I can stop. Give me another chance." I replied. "There is a hitman, he's gonna kill you when I say so." 
"Please, I can go without smoke for a week, th-." 
"A WEEK?!" 
"That's just the proof im done, if I smoke any weed, then kill me. I'll never smoke for the rest of my life. I'll only smoke when given promotion." 
"Alright. You're off the hook." He said before hanging up. 
I ran out of the kitchen, on of my fellow hitmen was at the door. "Sorry about that, your safe." He said. It was really sobering. I had been kill for the boss for so long, mostly my friends, now I was on the other end. I quit smoking, but I have more sex then before. 

I went for another check up. "You have HIV." The doc said. "But there good news, your lung cancer cured." This was the best, and worst day of my life. At the same time one of the prostitutes found out there pregnant, I maybe the father. Luckily the boss is taking the baby, his wife is infernal. 

Act 3 

I began giving my money too charity, I kill more people then before, but I feel better about myself then before. I was working on another contract, we believe he was an agent, we lock him in a special room. This room could have all the doors locked from a press of a button, and the gas doesn't kill him, just knocks him out. My job was too question him, then kill him. 

I watched from the screen as the target walked in the room. I turned on the locks, and trun on the gas. I walked down too the room. I unlock the door, he pushed me down, and ran way. I shot him as he try to turn to the stairs. There were 5 witnesses, and many more heard it. 

I turned in the mob, and was put in witness protection. I was sent too Australia, where no one knows were I live.


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  • Jan 24, 2020

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