Bloody Night Read Count : 25

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
It was a calm day in the town, home too more then 500 people. I was walking too the shop, I sold anything that would make me a profit. A man bumped into me during my walk, I turned too him, he was blind, he had sunglasses, and a cane. "I'm so sorry." I said quickly. "It's alrig- can you do me a favor. I need help to get home." He said. "Ok, I got a van, I drive you home." I said, as I took his hand. I drove him home, a small farm house. I had too help him get inside. He was insistent that I stay for a meal, but I declined. 

I got back into the van, and drove too the shop. I opened the shop at normal time; however I saw a new face. "How much for anti freeze?" He asked. "9$" I replied. He then left thanking me. The day continued as normal, but that night as I locked up, the man from the morning was hitting the window, it looked like he was stab in the chest. He was very bloody, I unlocked the door, and let him in. He hold his wound, I brought him too the first aid kit. I felt a hard hit, I was hit by a hammer, he towered over me. I felt his cold hand on my legs, and I felt the cold tile moving under me. 

His hand replaced by a rope, it tightened too a point were couldn't feel my foot. I was being pulled, like a dog on a walk. I gather all my energy, I used my feet pushing away from him. He managed too keep pulling me, he tied the rope too a pole, he then stole my keys. He then pulled me too the van, and drove me too the blind man's house. 

The man wasn't blind, I found this out when he cut my legs. The man who kidnapped me shot my shoulder. After they cut me up, they locked me in a room, with other bodies. There were hands hanging on the walls, and skull bulls.


  • Jan 23, 2020

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