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Been broken and healed isn't easy.
So stop showing her temporary feeling. 
She is not your back up plan.
She is not you toy. 
Even you admitted she was your favourite. 
You never put her first. 
I don't want to be mean. 
But she is such an option.
She deserves to be your priority. 
If only you really want her,
You make an effort.
You want to be with her not just for a physical needs only. 
Instead you do really want to be with her, 
Spend the rest of your life with her. 
Not ownership whatever. 
Action is required. 
And I haven't seen any of that. 
Ummm hmmm. 
Long Road for a new recovery against the logic, Honey. 
It's not her main job to please you, bring you to heaven and then you pushed her away when you got back to life. 
It's rude. 
Or am I being hopeless romantic? 
Not really. 
Honestly, I told her to let him go. 
Before he let her down. 
People abandoned people. 
Especially when the benefits end. 
I believe that. 

-Vivian Lin 


  • Very thought out piece.

    Jan 23, 2020

  • Jan 23, 2020

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