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A young girl lost in a big crazy world. Getting ready to start her life as an adult, getting ready to build her future. She grew up without her mom, another lady raising her, moving from house to house and every side of town. Her father abused her, physically, mentally and even sexually, nobody saw the signs and she was too scared to speak up. As she got older and the abuse got worse, her dad would give her a xanny, which would relax her and most of time she would let herself fall asleep so she didn't have to feel or remember a thing.. She picked up on self harm not too long after xannys were introduced to her young mind, she began to cut every night.. Suicide attempts weren't far behind, she tried pills so many times, she tried sleeping pills and pain meds anything that could end her life, eventually she even tried hanging herself a few times. Feeling so alone, not sure where she could call home she became an addict quick, only instead of it being meth it was pills and a blade. Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ptsd, eventually being diagnosed with BPD.. She has tried so many meds to help with the thoughts, to help with the pain, she has tried to drink it all away. She has fucked up in school, nearly held back 4 years, finally found love, something she hasn't felt in such a long time, then she turned around and fucked it up so many times. Her best friend of the family passed away, leaving her with an emptiness that she can't escape. No sleep for weeks, losing weight each day, she doesn't eat, and she doesn't know what to say. At a loss for words with so much missing from her life, so many things she wants to find, so many holes in her heart, and years of pain she can't escape from, she doesn't do much but lay in bed during the day and try to fight the urges to pick up that bladeā€¦ But when she is around people she smiles, and laughs as if none of the bad things are even happening


  • So sad and deep.

    Jan 23, 2020

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