The Happy And Sad Incident In The North Of New Zealand Read Count : 15

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                 This happened a recent few weeks ago that the North of New Zealand had seen three volcanic eruptions at once there was a terrible site and the people over there were very sad as their houses were burnt and they had no place to live. The Volcanic Eruptions were on their flowing for 3-4 days. The people over there said that the volcano's eruptions started on Thursday Night which was the 26th of December.
                  The inspection people came and went for a check they found that because of the volcanic eruption there is a loss and a profit when people asked they said that the eruption that took place had got minerals in it and because of that the land and soil became very fertile for growing crops and then said that because of this incident the people were homeless but they were provided temporary houses to live but now their lives are back to normal and they all are living in proper houses.
                   The head inspector asked whether he could take some rocks for inspection to the lab to find there good and bad effects and qualities so they happily agreed and the inspection people were allowed to take the rocksSo praying to God that there is no more destruction and there is fertility in every corner of the county
  This article was printed on the 13 of Jan that 
means Ten days ago and it is written by
Swenarai Mukadam Tiwari


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