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"Ace..?" Whispered a girl, quietly crying.

Present Day

Hazel and Kenzie arrived at the last settlement of the humans. They walked around, looking for any hints on Ace's mother.

"Excuse us, but have you seen a lady that goes by the name of Beth Hem?" Kenzie asked.
"You missed her sadly." An elder answered, "she was escorted by a girl with the Dark Phoenix Angels badge on her right sleeve of her shirt."

Ace was still unconscious. The village of women kept an eye on him and his health. He was getting better, slowly though. The village elder wrote in a journal. Keeping up with the days going by.

Jackson sat on his throne, waiting for someone. Hours past, they finally showed. Jackson smiled, evily. Chuckling a little. A girl, accompanying by an older woman. Jackson got up and walked towards them.
"Nice," commented Jackson.
"Don't touch me you pig!" Snapped the girl.
"Oh don't be like that," Jackson whispered and the girls ear, "you'll get to see him again soon and be together."
"Where's my son!" Shouted the older lady.
"Ace?" He'll be here soon," Jackson chuckled quietly.

The girl took Ace's mom to a room. Small but big enough. The girl looked down.
"What's wrong sweety?" Asked Ace's mom, Beth.
"I only did this so I can see Ace once last time..." The girl answered.
"Why?" Beth asked pulling her down next to her.
"I... I can't say."
"At least tell me your name."
"Flare, hi mom..." Flare shyly answered.
"Flare!" Beth eyes blew up, "Ace will be so happy to see you!"
"If only he remembered me." Flare responded leaving and locking the door.

A Day Before

"Flare is it?" A deep voiced asked, sitting down next to a girl. She looked up, her eyes filled with fear and disgust. She quickly got up and left the tavern. The man followed. She looked back and quickly took off running. "Fine," he said spreading wings and flying over her. She tripped. He smiled devilishly. She struggled to get out of his grasp, he whispered in her ear and gave her a paper with an address on it.

At midnight, the girl went to the tavern. She waited for the man. "What do you want," she hissed.

"Its what you want." He stopped. "Flare, right?"
"I saw you follow Ace into the castle." Jackson paused. "Dangerous."
"So? Why does my love life concern you?"
"You can finally see him again and be with him finally." Jackson answered. Flare eye's lit up. She thought about it, she nodded. Jackson got up, paid for their drinks, "Just get his mom, and bring her here and he'll come after her."

They parted their ways. Flare felt uneasy about it, since it was from Jackson of all people. However the chance of being able to see her brother and be with him forever pushed her to keep going.

"Stupid girl." Jackson chuckled, "you'll be able to see him alright; when you join him in the afterworld, he'll be waiting for you to join him."

Present Day

Hazel kept working on her powers. Using new techniques. Kenzie worked on her spells. Healing. Strength. Speed. They worked hard. Preparing for a fight just in case the Dark Angels and Demons think of attacking the Humans.

"Brother, I love you so much." Flare thought in her head. "Soon we'll be together forever and not even that Hazel girl can separate us." She took a blade and cut herself. Dripping blood on a picture of Ace when he was small. She liked the rest of the blood from her her arm.

"Chief Suzzan." Called out a villager, "bad news!"


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