The Program Musical Read Count : 9

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fan-fiction
This is a story of a Program that the government trying to shut down. But they have a great plan to keep the program open so they started to look for ways to get help. Then one of the peers heard what the stuff was saying and got very worried until he figured out how to save the program. And his is Carcio and he started telling the peers about what is going on and then Zandy and Zaeve and his boyfriend Dyler. so they started to figure out what to do for the program to keep it from closing
And then Carcio have a idea to do a singing to keep the program open then Zandy said that he start to look up ternaments and then he found one that is coming up and Zaeve said she will call them then Zandy gave Zaeve the phone number (409)4567890 and then Carcio and Dyler start on the music for them to sing.


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    Jan 22, 2020

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