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It is truly intense, the way it feels.

A gentle spirit and cold hard steel.

It is mercy, it is grace.

Never vengeance or vile hate.

It is calmness of the mind,

A clarity so hard to find.

Enlightenment and peace,

These things I want to reach.

The blade is balanced and feels alive,

An extention of the spirit as it is deadly yet wise.

It can slice through an evil foe,

A protector of my very soul.

A partner, a mate,

Together as if by fate.

My every move becomes a delicate ballet,

Slicing the air with the polished blade.

Every battle, a dance with death.

Every victory tainted with regret.

There is but one constant the universe holds,

A death for a life, a soul for a soul.

In this life, balance is maintained, 

And I pray my redemption can be attained.



  • Jan 22, 2020

  • nice

    Jan 22, 2020

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