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Egypt was a command economy, and there were reson for this. This isn't in support of free markets, or communism, it's just a history lesson, and it alsl bring up the question, should economies be made for the country, even if it means dictatorships. 

The main reason why they were a command economy, is that they believe there leaders were gods, and surely a god could run a economy. They also saw the Nile as holy, and was there main source of water, they wouldn't want too make longer irritation system so a farmer could be in private, when they could have all farmers work on the same farm. 

The next reason was because they already had little choices. One of the many criticism of communism is it's lack of choices, but in ancient Egypt they never had those choices. They had short lifespans, if you were too live as long as them, you would get out of high school before you died. they need too specialize, so they could do it as well, and as quickly as possible. They also had little choices in what too grow, there was the ability too grow grapes, or strawberries, or bananas, just wheat, and a few other choices. This means even if they had free markets they didn't have choices, so why not be centralized. 

The final reason was because there was easier communication, with cities lined up on the Nile, meaning it was easier too get information then it the Soviet Union. Many of there trading partners went through the Nile, this means it's easy too control trade unlike American, which has many borders, and people will too sneak it in. 

This isn't an argument for Socialism, or communism, it's an argument for the idea that different systems will, and wouldn't work with different variables. This is also a history lesson, not too be used too argue for a system, unless all aply.


  • Jan 21, 2020

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