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Obsequintessential Observance
For a time, The Universe carries on → It does & wills, most appropriately too.. for time is It's propriety, a happening in which all deeds are done & every would-be is willed.. thereby, they are but stanzas inside Its bounty of boundaries: thereof Its wanton ways & concomitant to Its just cause. A melodious accordance played upon Its heartstrings & enacted unto Its very being.. an omni-audacious & ever-abiding Envelopment of which life is only part, yet parcel.

Having arose from Its sui generis fold; it is, now, within Its folds that we transpire, living fractals of the Ne Plus Ultra.. insomuch & in-turn: we create, we yearn, by many a manner, we grow.. expansive incarnations, rather like renditions, flowering petals partaking in The Grandiose Bloom... stemmed by circumstance & in Sublimity, our perfunctory Existentiality is, ultimately, our Canvas, our Audience & therein lies our truest form: Magnanimity.


  • Jan 21, 2020

  • Jan 29, 2020

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