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I should be there

at the end of Jan

to forget about you

but when I was almost moving on 

with my new beginning

life without you

you just showed up and said Hi

like the last fight meant nothing at all

well another reasons I have to go

I should be there

this end of Jan

to start my new life 

without you

I honestly forgot about you

I already moved on

and why the hell you coming back

try to earn my trust again

and why the hell I was believe it would get better and easier

instead you've been ghosting around

again like I was nothing

I should be there

to forget you

I cancelled that plan

just to see you

you knew it

just to be with you again

because I want to be with you

but again you pushed me away

again you have hurt me in silence

I don't even know why

I don't dare myself to ask 

I know you would be mad as usual

then said I was a drama queen

I think I deserve a clarity

I should have not been here

I know it's my choice

I know it's my decision

because once again I want to believe 

but your action speak less than your words

how can I understand you without communication?

how can we try to get to know each other personality without conversation?

I started to get tired and unworthy

she might be right

I have to go

because I deserve much better than this.

- Vivian Lin 


  • Jan 21, 2020

  • Jan 21, 2020

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