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Narrator: this is about a troubled boy dealing with his normal life and the change of his personality after meeting girl named Akira Syndra .
His name is Rehea Mikoda and he 10th grader at   Takuya public Academy in south side of new York.  

The year was 2050 and it marked new technology in the market.  The economy was booming in the capital and else where.

(The digital clock goes off at Mikoda manor and Mikoda pops his fist out. He then smash the snoozed button on the alarm.)

Mikoda : do i really want to wake up and go to school? (Sloched further on the bed)  i am pratically a loser and nobody cares too. (( Mikoda lays even longer in bed till his phone beeps and picks up from the floor.  His eyes rested on the numbers showing)

"Mikki Ikomuen." He gasped as he places his hand over his face. He looked through his fingers and the phone still ringing. "She so annoyed and irritated smart. If I don't answer her then she comes here like a crazy stalker!"

His slip his finger to the green phone icon and placed it on the speaker . As he waited for impending thrash of mikki voice. 

"Hello." He said as he sighed and then paused for her voice again .

Mikki: Rehea,are you there?" 
Mikoda: yes.
Mikki : Ohh good,  because the  phone was ring awfully long and I had worst image of you be sick.  So I i thought you were skipping out..( rant off)
Mikoda: (hold phone away from his face) oh wow, you sound worried. 

Mikki: I was because I don't want you to miss out on school work again. 

Mikoda: come on , I honestly think you help me out. 
Mikki: ohh well, I  love to and given that nobody else do. ( sounds uncomfortable and play with her hair)
I can't do all the time. I am your classmate (rant again)

Mikoda: ( pops  his head out and look at the clock.  It reads 7:50am) (he crosses his black eyes) hey I love to heard more about you ditching me again.  I  am going to skipp again. 

Mikki: now wait minute rehea, it not fair to rest of class and I understand how you feel....(blabbing about fairness and school work)

Mikoda: (felt regret about giving out his number to her) 
Mikki: so do you understand that you should still come?
Mikoda: no but if it shut you up, I show up.

Mikki: ohh thank you thank you. ( overkill Mikoda deposition)

Mikoda: Mikki stop and erase myy number bye. (Hangs up)

"Errase?!" Mikki sqeaked in her voice as she breathes deep.  " i.. just try to look out for him.  "(She drops down the ground and starts to cry)

"Hey Mikki, you alright?" Said the other student walk to her as she offered her a Kleenex and mikki grabbed it .

" i  was just trying to help Rehea and he told me to erase his number. "( her eyes look sad near the other girl)

"Why that insensitive freak is ungrateful?!"

A crowd uprooted heard commotion from the other student.  They all talk among each other . Their face seems so ill mannered. 

Mikoda shows up eventually and the schoolgirl looks at him disgusted.  He  continues to walk towards the building front door as kne of the students confront him.

"Let go off me!" He shouted as he look at the face of unknown boy and he dodged the spit come from boy face.

" No i will not because you worthless scum made a girl cried.."

Mikoda looks over his shoulder and saw Mikki stared at him then she ran off cried quietly. He turned his face away and grabbed the boy hands.

" whatever!! I  do not even know her that well.  She been stalk me alot ." 

The boy snickered at mikoda outbursts and let go of his shirt. He walked off without consider Mikoda feeling. 

"Whatever werido, I just do not like a girl crying. "

Mikoda clench his fist and entered the hallway of his school. He did not bother looking at other students on the way to class. He entered his english class and sat there listening to the teacher.

"Whhy should i care about her or any of them? They made me so sick." He muttered to himself and then without a sentence on paper. He remembers everything with his mind. The class bell rang and he left to his second period.

On the way there,he saw Mikki  made a fool of herself in the hallway. She asks for some poor sap to be her lab partner.  She didn't even get notice of Mikoda because he already went up the second floor of stairs.

"Mmy life is humilated and mom dad passed away in car accident. My aunt nowhere to be found."

He opened the door to the second level and walked down the hallway to his math classroom. A few inches from him and he can heard loud arguments of his classmates. 

"Now this class, I do not mind."

He entered the room and dodge flying object's as he takes his seat. The teacher temporarily Motoko looks at him with despair.

" heyy Mikoda, have you done the classroom homework?"

He sqeaked up a cocky smile "you mean this waste of trash in my hand."
He holds up a white piece of paper and gives to the teacher. 

"Here,i did it anyway.  I was bored."

The teacher picked up the paper and wonders, do Mikoda really care about his grades? He put away the homework and tried to start class.

While mikoda sits in the back and stare out the window.  He sees nothing but boring trees till one of his class pals blocks his sight. 

"Your blocks my view." He said as he looked at the tall dark shadow figure. 

" i be blocked more in a minute. Punk. Tell me why you turn in the homework. !" 

....i don't have to tell you my reason!" Mikoda shouted and the tall boyish man picked up mikoda started to slam him down on the ground but mikoda got hold of desk chair.  The chair smacked the guy face along with release mikoda.

He decided to ditch math and run down the stairs. He Stampeded out the building and walk into town. 

"I don't need thiss type of harass from anyone. "

He so misunderstood and felt bitternese of life ever since he given to adoption service and then to friend of family abuse him. His head been on the cloud below since then. 

"Do i even feel like going home to my group house? " he asked himself as he sat under a box in dark alley and all he smell was cigarettes  from the ground. 

"Life is tasteless and I can not stand be alone. "
 He closed his eyes lid as kids walked up and down the street disappear in his sight. 



  • Feb 04, 2020

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