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Earth’s Cruel Battle


In over five hundred years ago, my people’s mother planet was destroyed. Everyone needs a planet to survive. So, they moved in the Earth.
Humans were surprised and call them aliens. It’s their first time to meet person that come from another planet. For that reason, humans feel anxious to allow aliens to live in Earth but agree.
Alien leader met the human leader, known as a governor, for an agreement to share its planet.
Soon enough, aliens finally allowed to share the Earth. Of course, they knew that humans are one have the Earth first. Therefore, aliens are respect for it. They listen and follow human rules, known as government laws.
Back to five hundredth year, I am alien girl but look like human due evolution. In aliens’ planet is close to the white star that two times bigger than Earth’s yellow star, Sun. So, aliens have darker skin.
However, their house is often in underwater in this planet. They also have special lungs that can breathe air and water. Back to Earth, we, aliens that evolved for over five hundred years, actually look much alike humans.
But unlike humans, we still can breathe air and water, blue blood, and speak many languages without any difficulty.
We still respect humans and Earth. We, all, are grateful for them to give us a place to call a home. We must not betray them.
But, for some reason, I get a feeling that something will go very bad happening, a very, very bad happening that we, aliens, may not know about it.

My alien name is Huiakns. Our language for “Hope”. Since humans can’t pronounce my name in our language, humans call me Hope.
I love to study science especially with animals in Earth. Earth animals are similar to animals in my planet but combine little percent of another animal.
For example, Earth small wolf is only one animal. But back to my planet, wolf and whitehead bird are combined. Front legs, tail, head, ears, and nose are wolf’s while eyes, back legs, wings, and eyes are whitehead bird’s. Cool right?
So, I always go to school without being tired. Schoolmates stare at me like I am crazy. But, hey, I am an alien. Suppose I learn to be like human?
Huj wøˆyø!
It’s my decision to have a move to learn.

I speak differently than humans do, so I created my personal translation.

Small wolf =     Dog
Whitehead bird =     Bald eagle
Schoolmates =     Students
   Huj wøˆyø!     =      Very funny!
Have a move    =      Motivation

I also have wonderful family that support me greatly. I have some human friends who know that I am an alien.
However, my family feel uneasily to trust humans that we are aliens. The reason is unknown to me. Every time I asked them, they just refuse to tell me the reason.
I respect and follow their wish. I not tell human schoolmates that I am an alien. But the truth can’t hide forever. Lies only shorten hidden truth.
School also have about twenty alien students. And no, school not go against us. They support us a lot. They aware that we can’t to be known as alien and they respect us like we respect them.
You know, you should to respect everyone. Little kindness, a life will give you a small award.
I don’t understand why humans always on warfare for powers in east world.  Just think, a last cookie is on floor with two persons.
One small cookie can split into two pieces for each person. Powers are really big, so big that have so much to share. It’s not made any sense at all.
I always think that kindness can change everything, even if little amount of kindness. You never know until you try.
I was always like that: Wondering but carefree. I never thought it would ever happen to me in west world.
But not for long. I found myself ran and ran away from my homeland, families, and friends. My teacher leads me to the train and said that I must only follow superior or older aliens, not humans like him.
I promised him then entering the train with full of aliens. They all are scared, so scared that they may be caught by human warriors.
I, too, scared as well. I can feel tears in my eyes, but they seem can’t fall down. I walk toward the chair slowly.
Its too sudden. Just four hours ago I was in the school with my grademates and teachers. And we just play UNO cards. But at 30 minutes later, I become a jailbreaker and running away from humans.
I sat down and rewind everything in my mind, hope that I can find it make a sense. Mister walked and sit next me. He asked me if I am okay.
“Does I look okay?” I whispered.
Mister nodded his head. “I understand, I was confused and scared for a while, but I said goodbye them away.”
“They went away? When since you run away from your home?” I asked.
Mister smiled; I understand. This war, started long ago, they just come here and say hi to aliens. I cried and cried. I don’t want to say bye to my loved ones.
Mister comforted me and said that I can join his group and run away together.
I nodded, “Together.”

Purple Kitty

This may become a book.
Only if you want to read it more...😅

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  • Jan 20, 2020

  • Jan 20, 2020

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