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This is not meant to offend someone.
It made for deaf awareness purpose only.

   If you suddenly meet a deaf person, what would you do?
   Don't know how to not make meeting awkward?
   No worries, you are in right place. Just read then in future you wouldn't not have any awkward feelings around us!

Things you need to know.

   We can do pretty everything like hearing people do. Only thing that we can't: hear.
   So please not ask us questions such as:
  • (Loudly) CAN YOU HEAR ME?!
  • Can you fall in love with hearing people?
  • How you get a job if you are deaf?

   There are reasons why you shouldn't not ask that to us.

   Question 1#: You will make us feel uncomfortable. We are very kind and try our best to understand you. So if we ever not understand you, we will let you know.

   Question 2#: Do you like to share your love types on strangers? Neither we. We can fall in love with hearing people. But it depends on their types. To me, as long as that person have good personality, yes, I can. (Love advice: If you fall in love with your deaf bestie, just confess instead ask like this. ;))

   Question 3#: This just make us feel like you think that we can't do anything we want to be equal as you do. But if one of us get job that requires to hear but hired anyway. And you want to know, you can ask that. But please not add "if you are deaf?" part. Thank you.

   Now let talk about apologizes. When we tell you that we are deaf. Please, please, please don't not apologize. Apologies are pretty often for us to know.
   It's kinda awkward. Just imagine, if you see a snake, would you say sorry to it that it not have legs? That's how snakes live in their lives. At least they have powerful jaws to caught preys. Like deaf people. We may can't hear but we have super vision.
   Yes, hear is important in people's senses. As its gone, we, deaf people, are heavily depend on visions. That's how we live in our lives.
   So we will feel awkward If you apologize to us for unable to hear. But that would be different if deaf person complain that they can't hear and wishes that they able to hear, you can to apologize if you feel bad for this person.

   Before you can run into a communication with us. There are tools to help to communicate better.

  1. Typing/writing on phone/papers.
  2. Speaking
  3. An intereter
  4. Sign language (if you know how)

   There list are depends on deaf people's experience.
   For example, if you meet me and you know sign language, go ahead! If I signed too fast, just tell me so I can slow down.
   If you don't know sign language, that's okay! You have choose, either tying/writing or have an intereter.
   An intereter not have to be professional. It can be hearing friends, slibings, or parents if they knew how to sign. But if you are boss and have to interview a deaf person, an intereter must be professional.
    Other choose: speaking. I have a hard time to read lips and can't speak. So this choose is cross off.
   But if deaf person who can read lips and speak, then go ahead.
   Attention: when you speak, face to deaf person so they can see your face and lips. Never turn your head around.

   That's all you need to know. Any questions? Ask for it in comment and I will answer you as I can!

☆☆☆Thank you for reading!☆☆☆


  • Jan 20, 2020

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