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The memory we have with each other 

every moment spend our time together

it's make my heart bright like a sunlight,

love to be by your side every time 

I like to take my time being with you

when I'm down know you how comfort me.

Why We Love Each Other A Lot?

you give me a cuddle dry my tears

with your hand I could feel

the love from you,

couldn't bare myself feel

this kind of pain.

How Could I Feel This Way?

try to be supportive of you 

there's something inside of me 

it's hurt a lot,

thousand pieces of my heart shattered

in one of my dream. 

I have imagine myself run toward you 

sound of your voice calling out to me

" I'm always be your boyfriend truly love 
  you forever try to be happy, if I'm not there 

  you're my girlfriend always will be". 

  slowly, the soft voice begin to fade away

  you wave your hand goodbye

  my chest begin to open. 
   Thick dark red liquid

  oozed out of the body,

 color of my lip turn white as snow 

 couldn't feel anything 

slowly I begin underneath my grave
never seen again.


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    Jan 20, 2020

  • So romantic

    Jan 21, 2020

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