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She lost a million stars

while she was busy staring at the sun every day

waiting for it to shine on her face

she was avoiding a million stars upon the sky

It’s beautiful and she couldn’t see it worthy

because she was only looking at the same sun every day and night

and then finally she was left behind


people abandoned people


she has an abandoned issue


she kept her feelings to herself

she wanted to tell the sun she misses it

she always does

but the sun never even looked down to see her

too busy lighting the world

or make up his own world with diamond and silvers

and finally, she has cried

after a few days, she held her sadness and tears in her heart

she just wants to be noticed

like every time she held up and said please notice me I am here

she has been waiting but nothing has come

like, a temporary job.

- Vivian Lin


  • Jan 20, 2020

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