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True Story My Dad Went Through

  I was walking down the street when I saw a guy in a wheelchair, so I stopped to ask him how he was doing. That's when I noticed he had no legs and half of a naval. So I sat down with him, asked him his story and he told me how when he was at war he had stepped on a mine and it had exploded the bottom half of his body, but somehow he survived. So I buy him some food and talk to him. We became instant friend's. From that day on we met at about dinner time, and I gave him some money and bought him food. I always knew it was him coming down the road because he looks like a Caterpillar in a wheelchair rolling down the road, but then one day everything changed. We met at the usual time and I bought him food and gave him some money. Then he pulls a gun out from under the pillow he has lying on his chest and I thought he was going to rob me, but he asked me to shoot him and get him out of his misery. I said no I wouldn't shoot him. Then he said that maybe one day he'll grow the balls to do it himself. To this day I don't know if anyone has ever shot him or if he has shotten himself.


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