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This book was inspired by project veritas. This was revealed by a brine campaign manager, who has relived they want too turn America too the ussr. Saying free schooling was supposed too act as reeducation camps, and talked about reopening gulags. 

Bernie had won the election, his first act was too make college free. I went was now able too get a good job, without going into debt. I enroll at 18, with no job, if it wasn't for Bernie I would be working for McDonald's. I decided too major in social studies. "Hello class." The teacher announced. "Too day we will be learning about America's history. George Washington, was a white supremacist, he owned many slaves, and made it so the constitution wouldn't make slavery illegal." I was confused, we learned America's history in high school, but not like this. "Jefferson was also a white supremacist, who owned slaves." If I was too tell you about the class I a few words it would be. "Your idols are racist." Bernie's next act was a maximum income, and a minimum income. This was apart of his war with elitism. 

Bernie died in his first year in office from a heart attack, and was replaced by his vice president, Alexander Cortez, or AOC. Her first act in office was free healthcare, which was payed by the rich. My mom was very sick, and now she could be treated for what she had. However the good side didn't last, AOC start subsiding green energy, and put restrictions on unclean jobs, my dad the only one working worked in a coal mine, so he lost his job. "Learn too code." AOC said in response too these workers losing there jobs. Then she abolished the 2nd amendment, I didn't own guns, but my dad did, he was arrested for it. In her 2nd year in office she abolished all tariffs, this did help me afford what I needed.

I finally graduated with a degree in history after 3 years in college. In her 3 year in office she abolished limited terms, and made it so the president was president for 8 years, unless impeached. The air was cleaner then before; however life wasn't better, because housing prices were unaffordable for my job, I can't even rent a 1 bedroom apartment. In response she placed a maximum on housing costs, but this didn't make it better, because I couldn't find a apartment now. 

She then began working on making the minimum wage 23$, and welfare equal too a 15$ per hour wage. It help me afford food, but prices went up because of it. "We are becoming a socialist country." She said on tv. She started nationalizing business, she started with the energy industries, then the food industries, finally the housing industries. I could finally find a home, and price stayed the same, as wages went up. 

The good economy didn't fix what see did next. "We are creating gulags in Michigan. We need too hold those against the republic accountable, and it will boost our economy." Aoc said on the news. I knew then we were becoming the next USSR, Bernie would be our Lennie, Aoc will be our stalin. "In order too do this, we must also abolish the constitution, so we can do as we please. A new one will be written, but this will give the president more power." She continued. Her draft was released next week, the president was elected by popular vote, but could be stopped by the Senate if determined dangerous. 

I was fired from my job because I was related too a trump supporter. I went too welfare, but I was denied. I was on of the many homeless now. Many homeless people were being sent to the gulags, so the country doesn't look as bad. AOC had stopped pay welfare, but the minimum wage was raise too 30$ an hour. Now I can't afford bread, but those born loyal to the state, and with a family loyal too the state could afford too eat crab everyday.


  • Jan 19, 2020

  • Jan 20, 2020

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