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Sir,we brought them.
Thomas Linker(L):Excellent.To the dungeons!
Your wish is our order sir.
A bit later
L:So, how many relics did you find today,fellow soul  relic collectors?

L:Well done everyone.

Follower:Sir,he is here.

L:Good,let him pass.

Hell's violin:Evening gentlemen.


H(Hell's violin):I have a contest for you.

L:What kind of contest?

H:Glad you asked Thomas, i want everyone to sing a verse made by themselves.The one who made the best,gets to join me for an audition  to the Rose palace.With the king himself.

Pilgrim:I go first.I know you don't want me, I know that you don't,but I'll find a better one,  with hands soft.

Violin plays.

Wallace:The swords are  flying,far in the sky,and you defeat them you can try.

Violin plays.

Mick:The drums are playing,the rythm of my heart, and if you leave me I will have the greatest cut.

Violin plays.

Helekin:Forever winter,forer snow,this i have,for your love I don't know.

Violin plays.

L:I am deeply sorry,for ruining your March,who is gonna put in your heart a patch?

Violin plays.

H:Very good,very good.

L:Who won?

H:I'm not sure,I want to ask the  ones in the dungeon too and the guards.

In the dungeon

H:Go ahead,you heard the verses,which one do you think was the best?



H:Thank you deeply,you will be rewarded for this(Drops them keys).


H:I heard their opinion.I will announce you my decision tomorrow.

 L:Good,you can go now.

H:I bid you farewell.


A bit later in  Thomas's room.

L:Which one of you knows to play cards?

Everyone:We all do.

L:Fine then,let's begin.

Meanwhile outside the castle of Thomas Linker

Demon:Derrick,where are you?I brought the suitcase.

D:(Derrick,human):I am here Mira,how did you get out?

M(Mira):Hell's violin gave me keys.

M:Listen up,they can't hear me after midnight.

D:I'm listening.

M:We will inflitrate the Rose palace,get the king,and take his position.Then when the winner comes into the palace,he'll find us instead of him,and we will drop him into the depths of Krull,and by doing that,I will become an angel and you will become a saint.


The next day.

H:Morning,the winner is Pilgrim!

Everyone:Well done Pilgrim,congratulations!!!

In the  Rose palace

Pilgrim:Hello,is there anyone there?

M:(Wearing  the queens's cloths):I am.


D:(Wearing  the king' clothes):And  I am.


M:Pilgrim?Oh, no it's Pilgrim!!Run for your life!!!

P:Holy book of Martyr, with your help,I shall defeat this demon!!!,cast Spell of the Heavens!!!

M:Nooooooo(Flies burning into the skies,and then falls on earth  again)

P:You want me to cast another spell,huh Derrick?    

 Karim(K),King of the Rose palace:You don't need to do that! 

D and P:The king!!!

D:I will defeat you Luther,just like your father!!

Karim:But you know what my father didn't have?


Karim:A strong  punch!( Punches him off the castle and  drops  dead next to his sister,Mira).

P:(Bows to the king):Blessed be your highness.

K:Blessed be your courage,in defeating the demon,if it wasn't for you,I'd be dead now.

P:Thank you kindly,but what was in that suitcase?

K:The name of the real winner of the contest. Thomas Linker. 

Thomas Linker enters through a portal in the castle along with Mick,Wallace and Helekin.

Thomas Linker:I hope don't you don't mind that I brought company.

K:Not at all,the winner is free to take any of the roses in my palace,and if he returns it in three days,undamaged,I will give him whatever he wishes for.So what is your wish?

L:(Bows):Your health sir.

K:You honour me greatly with this and for that,if you  bring the rose back,I will give you the chance to pick any of my horses,any horse you want.


Pilgrim:And what if he doesn't bring the rose back?

K:Then it wil die.

L:I will bring it back.

K:I trust you,don't worry.

L:Okay then everyone,I invite you all to my palace tonight,for a great feast to celebrate the king's return and my victory!

The same night 

Locke's mother(M):Locke,can you please help me with those corpses?


They are carrying Derrick and Mira's corpses.

M:We need to take them to the cemetery,and then you can go meet with your father and his friends.

Locke:But why did he lock me in the dungeon in the first place.

M:Well,you were wearing that mask,and Thomas didn't understand who you were.He thought were  a thief.

Locke:Okay.He is a good father though.

M:Yes,he is.



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