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Sub Category : Fantasy
Chapter one
Over and on

Hey ari i see this like wird glow over the docks. Come check it out. Ok coming lia. You see? Yup i do. What do you think it is. I honastly dont know. I,l, i havent seen anything like it. Look at that women shes litterally walking twords it. HEY YOU DONT GO OVER THERE WE DONT KNOW WHAT IT EVAN IS. Huh no responce. Rude much. I know right ari. I cant believe that women is that crazy. I know right shes racist. 

Chapter two


As i fall asleep i here this sweet sound. It sounds like a butifull song. Come with me on are trip come with us . I start following the sound. Yes yes i will join you. Its like im spelled. Wait no no pleas. I try to stop my self. But i dont stop. Now im out of my house. And AND WALKING TWORDS THE EIRIE LIGHT AT THE DOCKS. When i board i see skelotens. Uhh um hi heh heh . Can i go accualy? Aww i thoght you said you wanted to come on are voyege with us. Nevermind well let you go BUT GO WITH US.

Chapter three 

 SORRY ok ok ok i need help im putting part twos in tha baddest clif hangers. Ill put a chapter three tomorrow im lazy sorry 😴


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