Jesicas Life PART TWO Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Jesica humny wake up its youre first day at high shcool. Ok mom. At shcool. Hi issa... oh heh heh its not what it looks like. Oh it is what it looks like issac so dont try me agen. [ baisicly if you dont know issac cheated on jesica with another girl] jes whats wrong. You see river issac... cheated ...on... me. WERE IS ISSAC. out in the shcool yard. IM GONA SHOW THAT BOY SOME RESPECT. Thanks river. Cya later. Hey loser you ready for youre daily beat down? N,n,no. After. 😦 . Kes youre late. I know sorry. Just dont do it agen. At home. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG. YOURE GROUNDED. M,mom i didint do anything thogh. ARE YOU TALKING BACK TO ME MISSY. TWO MONTHS YOURE GROUNDED! Y,yes mother. YEARS LATER. i guess you could say things are getting a bit better. Ok ok ok alot better. I found my perminet true love and i have a haply family. 



  • Jan 18, 2020


    Jan 19, 2020

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