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Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
Jesica! JESICA! wake up. Mmm no mom its sater day. Wake up for youll be late for shcool. Wait what i thoght i was home shcooled. Not any more so get ready. Fine. Bey look at the nerd yeah hehe. Jesicas mind: ugh i hate shcool. Wo woah. Oh sorry bout' that. Oh um its ok. Comon' ill show u to class. Oh um thanks. Im jesica by the way. Im issac. Cool. Jesicas mind: i guess issac is kinda cute jesica pull it together you dont know what kinda boy he is. Well this is class. After class. Hey issac. Hey jes. So you wanna hang. Sorry but i got homework to do at home. K. YEARS LATER. Sorry guys but imma have to make  a part two so stay on the look 🙂


  • Jan 18, 2020

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