The Juggler Of Hearts Read Count : 32

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Phone rings.
Y(Yailen):who is it?
K:It's me,we need to meet.
Y:But the moon is not out yet.
K:It's  a special occasion.
So they meet at the docks of their place.
K:(Sighs):It's about your wife.
Y:Bloom.what happened to her?
K:See that boat and that ship over there?
K:Your wife has joined a mysterious cult  of a faraway island.
K:And as your best friend,I will help you.
K:So,which one do you want,the boat or the ship?
Y:The boat.
The sea is weeping from Yailen's pain,much more than the  crying rain.
K:Here we are.
Y:This island is beautiful.
K:Wait,did you hear that?
K:Drums,and screams and songs,the cult is having a feast.
Y:On what?
K:Their favourite,monkey meat.
Y:Let's go save my wife!
K:No,the cult has 120 men and 130 women.
Y:And how do we defeat them?
K: Your wife is resistant to lava.we must make  the volcano erupt.
Cult Leader:Today is a  great day for us!!
Cult applauses.
C(Cult Leader):Today the volcano is sealed.
Cult applauses wildly.
Y:And what do we do now?
K:We must find a safe place for the night and make a plan.
C:Listen up cult.tonight we have a meeting.
I want everyone at the beach at 12:00 o clock.
 Meanwhile,In a bar at the island.
Violins are playing.
T(Tyler):You know who is in the island?
T:Our friend Yailen.
Z:What for?
T:I don't know,must have something to do with the cult.
K:There are three options to save your wife.First:Sing to them,to allure them to give you your wife.Second:Guerilla tactics,and Third:Convince her to come.
C:I need three of you to go the  Forest Of the Hanged and set up  new traps.
B(Bloom):I will take Jack and Salimia and go.
Y:I'll go take a walk in the island to clear my mind.
Jack:The traps are ready.
B:You head on back,I want to take a walk in the island.
J:As you wish.
Y:Sings:I love you so much.
B:That i just can't resist.
Y:I love you my baby.
B:My beautiful bliss.
Y:I love you my sweetheart.
B:My dream and  my moon.
Y:I love you my honey,my beautiful Bloom.
B:I love you my mirror,  that I want to look.
Y:And I am unable.
B and Y:To get off the hook.
Y:Baby,it's you.
B:Oh,Yailen my love my sweetheart.
They hug and kiss.
Y:What did they do to you?
B:They kept me away from you,that's the worst thing anyone could ever do to me,for you are my sweetest rebel.
Y:Okay,lets go home now.
Y:K,I found her!
K:Wonderful,let's go,I talked with Zamit and Tyler,they are on the shore, we will meet there and leave this island.
And they reached the shore.
Y:Ok,let's go!
On the Boat.
Y:Are you happy,darling baby?
Y(Puts  his coat on her,because she is cold).
B:Sing once more for me please.
Y:With pleasure.
Y:I love you,my baby,my beautiful eyes,my heart full of feelings,to you it flies(kisses her  hands).
The sea is happy,because Yailen feels right and the  kelps are guiding their love in the night.


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