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Sub Category : Drama
I appected the deal, I became good friends with the governor, he gives me tax money, so I can have a normal income, instead of doing a job too pay the bills. Im basically a terrorist killing terrorist. "We have a job for you." The governor said. "The terrorists group, antifa is having a March. You'll need a ar-15, 2 pistol, and lots of ammo. You'll receive immunity from this crime, and we'll blame it on one of there members." "How much you paying?" I asked. "1 million dollars, 2 million if you kill them all. Before I forget, the police are in on it, so don't kill any of them, and they may even kill some there selfs." He replied. "It's a deal. When the march?" I asked. "This Friday." He replied. 

For the whole we I practiced, I trained with the marines for this mission, I learned how to reloaded quickly, and they changed the wepon, from a ar-15, too an m-16. I learned how too scan an area while firing at people. Friday was quickly coming. 

I went too the March. "Id please." A guard said. I hand a real id. "Oh, it's time!" He said, letting me in at the same time. I went too a bathroom, and assembled my m-16. I got out of the bathroom, quickly shooting a group near me. Everyone began running in different directions, I then began moving from the bathroom too were they were running. I was hitting majority of them. Some guards started following me, shooting at the members. After an hour I left, they told the press an antifa member went mad, and killed everyone, and they killed him. 

"Governor ratings drop, he may not win reelection." The news reporter said. I heard a knock on my door. "The governor is gonna stop paying you daily. He has too save money." His adviser told me. "Ok, I'm gonna have too show him my he pays me." I told him. I grabbed my pistol, and shot the adviser. I carried the body too the boat. "Bring him too the governor, tell him I want my money." I told the captain of the boat. He left quickly. 

He put a bounty on my head, revealing all my crimes. "I have too kill him." I told my friend jon. "What if I fake kill you, turn your body in, and you massacre the governor." Jon said. "That's no a bad idea. I grabbed pepper spray, a 10 inch knife, and a pistol. I got into the bag as my friend brought me in. I was taken too a room, alone with the governor, he lock the door behind him. He unzipped the bag. I grabbed the pepper spray, his eyes closing after I did it. I got out of the bag, with my knife ready. He was armed with a knife, his eyes red. I stabbed him, in the stomach, he fell on his ass. I then slathered him. I put him in the body bag. I saw a window, that's how I escaped.


  • Jan 18, 2020

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