Dead, Part 2 Of Mr.Nobody Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : Travel
After ten minutes of an old scrawny woman inspecting the line, she finally sent them off to another room. Noah let his imagination run wild, imagining what life would be like if his mum married another guy, any other person, just not his dad. He didn't know exactly what happened to his dad, he just assumed he went to prison. But his mum, he knew he killed her. He hated his dad more and more every second, for murdering his only friend, his mum. Some kid noticed the depressed expression on Noah's face.
"Hey, you okay?" She asked. She looked...Mean...Terrifying. Noah was scared of her, sweat slithering down his spine.
"N-no.." he replied.
"SILENCE! YOU USELESS CHILDREN!"  The old woman darted towards them and picked them both up by their collar, and pushed them against the wall and then just dropped them, onto the hard concrete floor.
The girl scowled at him. He knew she was trouble.


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