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I get an email, I already know it's gonna be about business, because no one emails me. "We would like you too take a picture of ms. Abrans, we want 40.1 pictures." It said. I have a code, picture means kill, and the number they want is how much they're gonna pay me, in thousands of course, and too make sure there not looking for a real photographer, I make them put a .1 at the end, no matter how much they're paying. I knew who it was even with it being an new account, it was a populist party, who thinks America dying. "We're the town, and when will I receive my payment?" I emailed. "Beartown, townhall, tomorrow, we will be in a white van too make your escape, will supply once we get the pictures." They emailed back. 

I quickly went into my bathroom, and dyed my hair, what was once a red, was now black. I then put in contacts, what we're blue eyes, now brown. I then went, and got a pistol, then I got the fake camera. It looked just like a dlsr, it was hollow, made so I could fit my pistol were the lenses was, and that it look I was looking at the screen when I get the gun ready. In the bag I had everything I needed fake id, a fake second lens hiding another magazine, an the rest was too make it look like I was a journalist. I'm an assassin for hire, I kill politicians. "Everything is ready, expected for my ride too bear town. "We're sending a boat, we'll get you there, it will be there in an hour." The email said. 

Tomorrow came quickly, and the speech was quick. I was in a hallway near the exit, she was walking alone. She walked closer. "Can I take a picture?" I asked. "Yeah." The politician said. She was smiling, I grabbed my fake camera from my neck. I opened the screen, then pulled the trigger. I closed it as I ran too the exit. "Where is the killer?!" The security guard asked me as I ran. "Back there, he has short hair, and is one of the non journalist!" I yelled as I ran out. I quickly got into the white van, and we speeded away. 

"You killed the terrorists?" The client asked. "Yes. I shot her in the crowd, I don't know what part I hit because of the flash." I replied. "Good, here's the money. If she survived I will be expecting a second attempt." He said, passing a suitcase. He then dropped me off at a subway, I went too the bathroom, and took out the contacts. I washed out the dye, so no one would know. I returned home, when I learned she survived. 

"She in critical condition." The news reporter says. "She was hit in the lungs, a hollow bullet was used. We have no idea who shot her, no one had a gun on them, and the photographer flash makes it hard too see." "Look I don't care if her picture didn't turn out perfect, you deserve the wage, and we will be having you do more pictures for other speeches, about her especially." The email said. "Her campaign advisers will be giving a speech in the town hall tonight." The reporter said. "I'm gonna take a picture of the adviser of her campaign, 0.1 pictures." I emailed back. "We'll pick you up when you finish." They emailed. 

I went too the speech, with brown dyed hair, and brown eyes. He then went too a restaurant, I brought cyanide with me. I went into the mens bathroom, and covered the camera with duck tape. I wait for the adviser too walk in there. When he did, I followed him, once the bathroom door closed I covered his face with a cloth, killing him. "The adviser had a stroke!" I yelled walking out of the bathroom. I escaped as people crowded looking at him. I then got rid of the evidence of cyanide. "The adviser had a heart attack." The news reporter said. "And, Abrans died from her wounds." 

"Good work, you've covered our tracks." The email said. "The governor thanks you." "The governor, did you tell him my identity." I replied. "No, the governor see you as an enemy of his enemies, so don't kill any Republican, and you'll have immunity." The email said. Guess I got what I deserved.


  • Jan 18, 2020

  • Jan 18, 2020

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