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Anarchism vs tyrannism, society struggle, or revolution, whatever you would like too call it, all society's will, or are run into these problems. All though history, and the present has deal with it. Every movement either wants too free a group, or oppress a group, every time a group is oppressed, a movement is destined, and when a group isn't opposed, when they are deserving, a movement is destined. This is society struggle, and it will destroy a society, or unstable it, then if society struggle isn't stopped through returning back too the original groups statuses, it leads too a revolution too free, or oppress the groups. 

Feminism, the civil rights movement, and gay rights are examples of anarchism vs tyrannism. The civil war is an example of society struggle unchecked. Women, blacks, and gays getting freedom is an example of revolution. 

There have also been revolution create, or inspired by influencers. The cuba revolution is Karl Marx's fault, and Abraham Lincoln was inspired the civil rights movement. 1 person that can influence a revolution, and can cause the richest societies too feel oppressed, like in Venezuela, or how countries can be given a idea too go with, like the nazi party, popularized fascism. 

There can be other factors other then oppressment for revolution, however all factor is dislike of what the revolting against. Alienation, oppression, starvation, elitism, or influence are all factors that cause revolution. Assimilation, equality, wealth, or influence are factors that stop revolution. Equality is impossible, because there two type of equality that fight each other, equality of outcome (no matter what you do, you'll have what your other civilian has.) and equality in opportunity (depending on what you do determines what you get, and everyone has equal opportunities.). This is what separates right wing, or left wing, reward for selling, or no conquests for buying. 

There are two goals of each revolution, a king, or a caveman. Being a caveman is natural, you can't become any more Anarchist then being alone with no rules; however its easier too create tyrannism, because people can fight everyone, without a organisation too stop them, forcing the weak to obey the powerful. Tyrannism goal is a king, who controls everything, this is unnatural, because you need someone too be the king, and people to give him the ability too take over everything. The best example is if you walk out of the kings king's boards, he can't stop you without sending a party too stop you. 

Lastly I would like too bring up random revolutions. There 2 types of random revolution, a society were non of the revolutionary factors applies, but there still a revolution, or these factors may apply, but the revolution wasn't for those factors. These are weird anomalies, an example is Venezuela, a country that was one of the richest south American countries, who was also apart of opec, democratically elected a socialist. Majority of the times of a random revolution its was only a roit, or they believed those factors applied.


  • Jan 17, 2020

  • Jan 17, 2020

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