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A moment passed midnight tonight no more campaigning is allowed. By 8.00am tomorrow morning voters in Kimanis parliamentary constituency are casting their votes. 

What criteria to be used for selecting A not B or vice versa? If I were a Kimanis voter I too find difficult to make decision. Humanely both candidates are okay in politics. I’m not that fickle minded, my daughter has said one single character that can be construed as stubborn as animal is the way I make decision. Anyway this is mine alone.

Both the contestants have their own political history in the same constituency. The older one has been five terms representing the people here; while younger has one term both are from ‘UMNO’s school’.

What make one of them special?

This is how I evaluate; if one had done that much of work in five terms will he be breaking his own record this time around? How good was his records commensurate the time taken? His record sufficient to merit his come back?

The younger one hasn’t been spending long enough to test his mettle, but will he be better than the older one?

Coming from UMNO isn’t my best choice of candidate I wouldn’t mind sitting with my friends for kupi kupi rather than come out to vote, that’s my rights not wanting to cast my vote.

Let analyse this way, I’d never support those from UMNO having so powerful in the past victimising those they consider not politically correct with them. They must not come back. But if UMNO candidate wins this by-election it wouldn’t change anything apart from it acts as little boaster to greedy people.

If the current government’s candidate wins, my greatest fear, winning also acts as boaster but in different form. This is a big signal of welcoming, encouraging the illegal transients in the State of Sabah. The much talk about PSS which I see a is very porous system designed to be as such.

Federal government hasn’t done much to solve, even the findings of RCI hasn’t been made public eight years has lapsed, that’s not what public inquiry really meant.

The PTI is the subject that I’ve been writing for the past 30 years (I Beg To Differ, by Bookstand Publishing, Morgan Hill, CA 2007)

This could be seen as an anchor to the current State government by making them legal in a very subtle way. Indicators have been surfacing as far as I can see a way to keep them a float for infinite time. One can imagine what next, any politically party governing longer than what is necessary isn’t a good idea~amdesidik 


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