Mr. Nobody Read Count : 22

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
He carefully dashed to the hall way, and down the stairs. He wanted to help his mum. Save her from his dad, but that would be impossible now... His dad, Ray,  spotted him from across the room and sprinted towards him, his hand out, ready to choke him.  Noah took one last look at his mum and understood that he won't ever see her again...Alive anyway... "G-u-r-ah! S-stop!" Noah kicked at his dad but he was much stronger than him.  "You've seen too much, son."  *KNOCK* *KNOCK*  The door fell down with a thud.  "PUT YOUR HANDS UP SIR, OR WE WILL SHOOT!' Ray just stared at them with a blank expression and carried in strangling Noah until he was on the floor. The rest was a blur, it happened so fast. When Noah woke up he could hear lots of voices, he was hoping it was just a dream. "SILENCE! LINE UP!" An unfamiliar voice instructed. He was grabbed by the arm and was yanked into a perfect line. "Ow..."  "SILENCE!" Noah hadn't fully woken up yet, he was expecting to be in a hospital, not here. "What is the matter with you, you mistake?" Noah looked upset for a while but then he remembered all the times his dad called him names, beat him and locked him away for days. He used to get bullied at school but that won't happen anymore. He took a good look at his new surroundings and realised the shocking truth... -Wrote by Laura Potts 10 years old.


  • Jan 17, 2020

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