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When I'm I  going to die? 
Filled with thoughts on the  bed 
which I lie. 
My mind boggling with questions 
on the present time, where I am heading 

He knows no haste, he never sends
notice when on a visit. 
Never granting a me-time, no words as
"you will not be alone", "you will feel no pain",
"you will be okay", from our loved ones. 

There are no magic words that can  
 catch and carry and bring back a
person in throes of death. 
Words can't keep one from dying. 

"One short sleep past, we wake eternally",
Crossing into the end zone, in extremis. 
No sympathy card, drifting off in tide. 
Going to the beyond to face our creator. 

For we live by faith, and not by sight. 
The stretch of time is not by choice 
For to me, living in Christ is to die in 
The world offers not we seek, but what 
we face. 
Carrying us round a maze full of amazes. 

Time shall tell, and though the day is
full of excitement. 
Remember the quietus awaiting your 
deathly soul. 
When you shall feel empty and lonely.


  • Jan 16, 2020

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