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Sick pale white like the Lilly of the valley
Not of fright
Ill from what am I missing
Like a shooting star that flew by the night before
And I'm starring up searching as if I made it on time
Stared up so long.. strained my eyes stiffed neck then dizzy feeling ...all felt...falling to the ground... Mind body heart spirit left racing
Tears flow endlessly 
What if I never know
For certain..
But feeling all the tears of the world..
Searching..my own ..my for sure...my known...mine
Drown my self in a memory I can't remember
But know for sure I feel it...all the reminder glimmer in a love story a picture from a stranger from loved ones...
Confused yet hopeful
Bewildered inspired
 the ocean lay it's self upon me
And I am the shell that imprints in the sand
Hoping for my.love to come collect and cherish me like a treasure beyond the rarest of pearls to priceless to ever lose


  • Good job!❤️

    Jan 16, 2020

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