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   Just to give you an idea of what this is, this is a proposal for a charity, I want to build. 

Sunstone Initiative


Alone the United States, has over 400,000 children in foster care at any given time. Of these children, 30% are confirmed to have been subjected to physical abuse while 15% are subjected to sexual abuse. There is not enough space in care facilities, which is one reason they are placed in homes. The system is also corrupted due to the intent of those who use children for bartering chips. Something must be done, and I have a dream that could solve this problem.


  1. To build a centralized location to provide top quality care to kids, who ended up with the lower end of the stick.

  2. To provide family based services and advice to families to help grow stronger bonds and relationships.

  3. Give aid to children through an expansive network of supporters and people.

  4. Offer an easier access to adopting children and keeping tabs on those families to make sure they are placed in good homes.


I will need to start the charity nonprofit fund, aimed at building and maintaining the primary location.

$3,000,000 for the buildings. (This Includes Furnishings)

$1,000,000 for legal fees.

$1,000,000 for Year around camp.

Children's needs vary however we will need $10000 a year per child 



Lack of Support

No Resources

   Children are our greatest hope and resource for mankind's future. I want to show everyone how easy it can be taking care of so many children, but cannot do this alone. Will you give me your support and help?


  • I think that's a really good idea. ❤️

    Jan 16, 2020

  • great idea

    Jan 16, 2020

  • Tamara Garrison

    Tamara Garrison

    I also wanted to do this. Was going to have one as well for the homeless and build a community center sponsered by the town. (much more to it but dont want to give all away) maybe can conjoin and help each others causes to help us all.

    Jan 16, 2020

  • Jan 19, 2020

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