La Lora Read Count : 15

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Sub Category : Horror
Ari : Zara truth or dare
Zara and Ari were playing some truth or dare.
Ari : dare                                                                                                          Zara chose dare but she never knew what will happen next.
Ari : i dare u to play La Lora!
Zara : what the hell is La Lora!?
Ari chose La Lora since her sisters friend died and her name was Lora.
Ari : just chant La lora in the kitchen holding a knife in the left and a candle in the right!
Zara : ok?
Zara went to get a knife and light a candle but found Ari acting a little wired for making a game...
Zara : La Lora,La Lora,La Lora,La Lora
Ari : wait i need to go to the bathroom
Ari rushed to the bathroom to call her freind flora
Ari : oh my god Flora! Zara actually believed La Lora!
Flora : La Lora? But thousands of people died of that game..
Ari : oh my god Flora stop being so dumb of corse its a lie! >:T
Flora : trust me i will be there.
Ari : right I'll be in the bathroom because i need to shower
Flora : right
*beep* Ari took a shower until Flora opened the door
Ari : Flora..? Flora!!!
Ari opened the door to see Flora stabbed with the knife Zara was holding and Zara burned with the candle
Ari : Flora! Zara!
Ari : oh my god im so sorry!!!
Ari's tears brought the killer to her so it snapped her neck and ate it.
It hided their bodies under the new owners bed until it can consume them.

                                  The        End


  • Thats grim... but good job!❤️

    Jan 15, 2020

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