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   It amazes me how confused people are when they meet me. I often try looking for the best in people and showing kindness. When people are faced with the worst side of mankind, their heart becomes hardened and cold. Many that get to know me are lost, when they learn how deep my sorrow and pain runs, but never soils the surface of my spirit. As a boy, I remember taking a trip to an amusement park in 8th grade. A moment occurred during this trip, I never discussed with anyone. Though this event seemingly small, it left a big impact on my life.
   I was supposed to stay in my group, but sprained my ankle walking up a set of stairs. I separated from them to meet the adult chaperones. During this time I was crying in pain, and barely making my way to the meeting point when. I saw a man, youth, and two girls sitting by a fountain. In this moment, the man threw his cup of soda and ice at me. He and the other passerby's laughed at the action as if it was natural and okay. This one memory haunts one of the best days in my life. Such a simple yet cruel reality. This should remind you how one moment of someone's life can be influenced by yours.


  • Jan 15, 2020

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