Mystic Creatures: War Of The Angels- Final Day Of Peace Read Count : 41

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Sub Category : Fantasy
There was one more day until war. Ace was still missing, not to be found. Kenzie and Hazel continued to look for him though. Going around to all the cities and towns and the Dragon Kingdom. Soldiers roamed the streets, Hazel felt uneasey about them. The sheer number of them. Beyond dozens.

"There's so many." Hazel said pulling Kenzie closer to her.
"Can we go to a hotel now?" Kenzie asked shyly hiding behind Hazel.
"We can't, we only have 3500 coons left and hotels here are like 670 coons." Hazel explained.
"Damn," Kenzie looked around, "then let's leave and go to a town with cheaper prices!"

Hazel and Kenzie left, leaving the city full of Demon Soldiers behind.

"Jackson sir, we're running out of money."
"The land of Eldorda was run by elites." Jackson paused, "I killed one of them. Don't worry."

Ace crawled to a forgotten village, ran by women. He stood up, shaking and struggling to keep balance. He opened his mouth but fail to speak and fell to the ground. Passed out.

Hazel and Kenzie found a small inn in a middle of nowhere. It looked sketchy and smelled spoiled. Hazel shook her head and turned around, Kenzie grabbed her arm and dragged Hazel inside. Filled to the brim with gold lining up and down the walls. The girls were amazed by how elegant the inside was and neat. And clean. They looked around, touching things.

"Hello ma'am!" An old man greeted the girls.
"Who-" Hazel yelled putting a ball of flame in the mans face.
"Hazel!" Kenzie scolded Hazel.
"Sorry, I got scared! He scared me!" Hazel defended herself.

They talked. The old man offered them a room for 150 coons a night. The girls accepted and set up for the night. The room was as nice as the lobby. The wallpaper was as modern as it could. The appliance were up to date. "We should leave a tip," Kenzie suggested. Hazel was already asleep, didn't even bother to change clothes. Kenzie stayed up reading books and practicing magic. Kenzie slept after mastering a couple healing spells and boost spells.

"Yes sir, they're here." The old man said into the phone.

Day of the war. Everyone in the Demon and Dragon Kingdom woke to bombs raining from the air and screams of victims dying. They all cried. Being slaughtered until nothing was left.

"Border Wall!" Yelled Kenzie. Hazel formed a wall of fire to gain them distance between them and the soldiers. They ran for miles, leaving the Dragon Kingdom into the uncharted territory of Eldorda. The soldiers stopped and returned back to raiding and killing homes and people.

Ace was still unconscious. The healers of the all women village worked hard to aid Ace back to health.

A week of the war has passed. Jackson was crowned King of Angels, Demons, and Dragons. The King of God and Magic allied together to fight against Jackson and his forces.

"Kenzie, do you know if the Kingdom of Humans still exist?" Hazel asked walking out of breath.
"Yeah, they live in the mountains of Velucin." Kenzie answered walking in front of Hazel. "Why?"
"Ace might be there, for someone." Hazel answered. Kenzie stayed silent.

Another two days passed and the war still reigned on. Ace was still unconscious.


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