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(The story starts with James riding closer to the park, and he sees Anna with three boys: Danny has brown hair, Dawn has red hair, Robert has blonde hair, three girls: Cherry has raven-like hair, Karen has green spiky hair, and Cora has blue hair; and one boy: Fred  has rasberry-like hair on the other side. All the kids are wearing soccer uniforms. Last, James sees Aden and Jasper who has black hair as a goalie.)

(Aden notice James, and waves at him with a smile.)

(James waves back at Aden, nervously.)

James (Thought): Why does he look so happy?

(Anna sees James' reaction, and then kicks the ball into the goal.)

(Cherry noticed Anna's expression on her face, calls a time out, and sits with her on the bench.)

Cherry (looks at James): Anna, is that Aden's new friend ?

Anna (with a devilish smile): Yes... and I need the clu.

(Karen and Cora overhears this and surround Anna.)

Anna: James needs to learn to like Aden, otherwise I'm afraid he'll never know what true happiness is.

Karen: If he can see Aden, that means something like from his childhood is blocking the system in his brain, that helps him become like the other adults or dumb teens.

"Then, that gives me an idea,'' said Cora.

(Cora kicks the ball toward James.)

(James gets up from the bench, jumps, and kicks the ball; which land in the goal.

(The kids clap)

James (looks at the kids): I liked soccer for a while, thinking it would help me with my footwork.

Anna: Amazing!

Karen: No time (points to James) why did you come here, if you don't believe in this stuff.

James (while having flashbacks and starting to blush): I'll be honest. I don't know, all I know is that I want to talk to Aden.

(Aden walks up to James, takes his hand, and leads him to the swings.)

Aden (sits on the swing, looks straight at James): So, what did you want to talk to me about? 

James (angry and confused):Why did you give me a kiss on the cheek? Is this the way you greet people or are you making fun of me? What is it?

(Before Aden could say anything, a bunch of 9 and 10th graders pass by and see them.

A boy who has short red hair, wearing white shirt, and shorts named Jett, Another boy wearing the same outfit, but has black hair, A girl who has long brown hair

Jett: Oh. Look, it's Aden

A girl: Aden, is that James?

A boy: James, no way!

James (looks at the teenagers): Huh? Their from my school.

James (looking at Aden) You know them?

Aden: Yeah, they pass by every time we play soccer.  And no, they don't know i'm imaginary

James: You never tried to talk to them.

Aden (shakes his head at James): No.

(James take Aden's hands, and lead him to the 9 and 10th graders)

Aden (begged): James, please no.

James (smiles): It's okay.

All the 9 and 10th graders  (wave at James and Aden): Hi

James (touching Aden's shoulder): Hi, this is Aden,'

Eddy(scratching his neck and blushing): Nice to meet you, Aden.

Aden: You too...i'm sorry, I don't know your name.

Eddy: I'm Eddy

Eddy is a blonde boy.

Aden (holds out his hand, while smiling): So, Eddy, you want to be friends?

Eddy (shakes Aden's hand): Sure.

Belle has long brown hair.

Belle: What?

"I'm Jett", said The red-haired boy.

"I'm Iris", said The red-haired girl

Belle: I'm Belle.

 Patty (smiles at Patty): My name is Patty.

Patty has rainbow hair, wearing a jigsaw puzzle like dress.

(Aden shakes hands with everybody)

Eddy (feels Aden's hand): Aden, you know I barely felt your hand, do you have moisturizer on?

Aden: No.

Patty (feels Aden's hand): That makes sense, I shook your hand and I feel flesh, like I'm supposed to.

Aden: It's nice to meet all of you and I hope we can hang out.

Iris: (gets out a note from her bag) Of course, we're free from practice friday.

Belle (holding a note too): Call us anytime.

Jett (holding out a note with a smile): my phone is always ringing, so I'll answer.

Eddy (holding out a note with a smirk): my calendar is way open.

Aden took everyone's note with their numbers on it.

Aden:Thank you, I appreciate it, but I don't have a phone.

Iris:Really?! (reached into her bag) 

Iris: (hands Aden a black phone)My aunt gave it to me because I thought my last phone was glitching turns out, I needed a new charger, so I had a brand new phone for nothing, so you can have it.

Aden (looks at Iris, surprised): Me? But, won't your aunt be upset?

Iris: Nah! I told her I was going to give it to my boyfriend, but she wouldn't allow it, so I'll tell her I sold it at a yard sale.

Aden: You're amazing, Iris, I really appreciate it

Iris (blushes, puts her head down): It's no big deal.

Aden (with his head touching Iris head): But, it is, because when a friend gives you something that shows they care.

Iris:You think so, I never thought of it that way.

Belle: Aden, so will you be this friday?

Jett: We'd love to go to the mall together.

Patty (smiles): It would be fantastic.

Aden: I'd love to join me, text me the time and which mall.

(Eddy, Iris, Belle, and Jett cheer by Aden's comment, then they make plans)

Aden (waving goodbye):Great, see you then.

Anna: Your leaving already? 

Aden (wrapping his arms around James): Yeah, James and I have to get to know each other a little better.

Anna (smiles): Oh. James, take care of Aden and sign this letter.

(Anna holds a golden paper, which James signs, she rolls it up, puts it in her pocket)

Karen (points her finger at James): Take care of her big brother and please don't hurt him.

Cora (looks at James): And figure out that answer because we're going to want it soon.

James: Alright.

Eddy: See you tomorrow, Aden, maybe.

(James get in his on his bike, Aden rides the back, and puts arms around James waist)

James: (blushed) What are you?

Aden: How do you expect me to hold on, if I don't do this?

James: You can walk.

Aden: That's no fun.

James (sighs): Fine, I'll let it go.

(Episode ends)


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