Start Of Self Lost Read Count : 24

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A
Chains hooked to bind feet to hands meeting at the waist and circle the neck.
Music with each tiny struggle to escape, clincking with every whimper.
You may ask what one must do to be left in such a state of confusing entanglement?
Its unclear to me as the writer as is you the reader 
Brings me to wonder why tell anyone of this poor childs condition maybe its due to fact its my child self caged and shackeled deep inside my head, but who cares every attempt to set her free i fail at times giving up all together even though i know thats wrong i want to help her true but i never seem able to get anywhere near her.
Maybe this is a plea for you to help free her shes been gone so long way before she should of left


  • Jan 14, 2020

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