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It's so easy to make unrealistic promises that play like fairytales in my head. 
When the mind is unintentionally deceptive, playing reality the fool. 
Then, the clarity of it all makes the wanderlust of the daydreams dead. 
As I sat there and wondered why, wondered why life was so cruel. 

I've hurt a few people in my life because these thoughts were so crazy. 
No one really understands me, and to be honest, I don't understand myself. 
Wanting to make everyone around me happy, but the conflict of it all has made my spiritual sight hazy. 
Anyone with damaged thoughts will relate with what your mind can do to yourself. 

When intentions fail, I look like I'm a professional liar. 
And, I know that inside, this is not the truth. 
Just got caught up in a few of lifes briars. 
Wanting to go back to redo parts of my life, even back to the days of my youth. 

Occasionally, do I revert back to certain places that are dark. 
Really helping to be real, to keep life in balance. 
The path of this journey gets weary, with a need to periodically park. 
Periodically getting lost, periodically absent.


  • Tamara Garrison

    Tamara Garrison

    if u stay true to u and ur faith ur never absent in ur reality or ur own space and no one can take or change that. as long as u believe ur still one step ahead

    Jan 14, 2020

  • Jan 14, 2020

  • Spacey Cayce

    Spacey Cayce

    painfully relatable

    Jan 19, 2020

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