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Once there was a young woman name star butterfly she just move to Tokyo but sadly became homeless.  Then one cold night a man came to homeless ally and told her: am a volunteer we have a homeless shelter with food water and warm blankets star thought about it then she said; yes then walked with the volunteer and they discussed,.
A few hours star and  the volunteer finally came to the homeless shelter as they walked in star was realizing this was anot a homeless shelter instead it was a lodatoy they pushed poor star in a clear cage and luked  the door 
Late me go says star but they did not listen all they did was walked out off the room star cried and cried. For at least 2 months star butterfly body was charging her skin  has fur she had wings and tail! She cried more and fell asleep  then this happen;
Three gargoyles broke in to the lodatoy were the testing is done one of the gargoyles saw star butterfly but she was still asleep then he broke the clear cage with one hit . he gently put star to his arms and him and his brothers were gone.
The main scientist doctor valentine was angry: who broke in to the testing lab he said angrily one of the trainees said three of them broke In what!!!! There and they are strong Rally strong! He said no! 
Now what am I then he had. A plan  an evil,  evil an  awful so evil that hayedes himself did not think of it. I have a plan says doctor valentine well kill the thief's and take back star as the the gargoyles are asleep but sir says  dumb trainee gargoyles don't sleep,  then doctor valentine says in a rage with red, you ideit!!!! As  he was coking the trainee with his hands gargoyles do sleep the trainees face was turning blue so the other trainees got him off so do you get it shes sir as he was seeing stars. 


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