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Anarchism is inevitable, there no way too stop it, no matter the culture, it will fall apart. Anarchism is the destruction of the government, and society, with the goal being people being forced too live alone. However tyrannism will come after Anarchism, because of what caused anarchy, and too stop from going back. I call this cycle 'Society struggle'. It start when a group is oppressed, deserving, or by whom doesn't matter. Then that group will form a movement that promotions anarchism, there two outcomes, tyrannism wins, or anarchism wins; the winner will take there spoils, and will create laws protecting there interests. Neither side can be defeated, rather just waits for its next chance too win. Then the winners group will continue too increase there power, more groups would be oppressed, or freed. There are two outcomes, the tyrannis controls everything, or the most powerful controls everything. 

We have seen this happen before, the civil rights movement, feminism, rise in conservativism, communism fall, and capitalism rise. Even in radical Islam, the Anarchist fight Islam. In America the slaves were freed, and once they could vote, the Republican's won in the south. When the troops protecting the former slaves left, the Democrats, who were supported by the kkk, won. When there is oppression, anarchism rises, and if the Anarchist are protected they'll be free. 

Anarchism is the most likely too win; however far from granted. In America, and Europe illegal immigration is accepted, but then people began fighting back, against those who want open borders, because it goes against the culture too let criminals too walk around receiving benefits, for your work, without you receiving benefits. 

The best way too protect the society, is too opposed those who deserve it, and too have fact behind ideas, not emotions. The only way for there too be oppression, is if the punishment are deserving. 

This means that the country will become polarized, and each group will fight for an monopoly on the next generations. As they try too get a monopoly on the next generation, the other groups will become more aggressive, and even if they do get a monopoly the next generation will likely rebel especially when forced too join the group.


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