What He Wanted Read Count : 27

Category : Diary/Journal

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He wanted to put the bottle down, he just had a broken arm.
He wanted to show up to your graduation, he just couldn’t get a ride there.
He wanted to tell you, you looked beautiful, but you looked just like his ex wife. A whore he’d call you instead.
He wanted to be there for you for your growing years, he was too busy with work.
He wanted to not arrive to Christmas dinner plastered, but he didn’t know he drank that much.
He wanted to call you, but his phone was broken.
He wanted to tell you he loved you, but he lost his voice.
He wanted to make you feel worthy of his time, but he had other plans more important.
He wanted to not make you fear for your life, but he needed to kill all his demons. You were in the way.
He wanted to have a baby, but only because mom called off the abortion.
He wanted to be a father, but couldn’t be man enough to be a dad.


  • Good job!

    Jan 13, 2020

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