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Sub Category : Fantasy

I watch the water fall over the side of the cliff. I watch as it spills into that small body of water waiting at the bottom.I stand at the top of the cliff. They're yelling at me to jump. They already went. Now it's my turn. 
I take a deep breath. Just jump I tell myself. But I can't my legs are frozen in place. I can't move them. 
The waters beautiful. It's almost clear enough to see the bottom. I watch a few fish as the swim in circles. 
I try to move my legs. It doesn't work. I'm terrified. Would if the water isn't deep enough? Would if I hit my head? 
I focus on what's waiting at the bottom of the waterfall. He's waiting for me to jump. I move one of my legs then the other. 
And then I'm falling. I know it was only a few seconds. But it feels like forever. I watch him the whole way down. 
Then my head's under water. I go deeper and deeper... Then I swim up. I swim up so I can get to him.
I take a big gulp of air once I reach the top. My eyes frantically searching for him.
Then hands are on my waist. I turn torwards him and he smiles at me.
He smiles at me. "You did it." He says
I did....


  • Jan 13, 2020

  • Jan 23, 2020

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