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Just discovered something close to my heart. A friend of mine Dr Richard Borrow, a surgeon in Kota Kinabalu introduced to us (a friend YTL and I) that someone in our vicinity can stop me from travelling long distance, spending less money, less energy and less time [sic]. His persusiveness led him bringing us to see the person who lives at Hilltop just at the edge of Luyang, Kota Kinabalu recently.

 This person has a collection of history of North Borneo say any dates, in so long as dates were written down, the 'events' could be retrieved. He is a Borneo’s history collector or enthusiast. His collections on Borneo in particular, North Borneo is larger than that of Sabah State’s library, for a private collector painstakingly making collection of that magnitude because of sheer interest is incredible. He has been collecting artefacts, documents, manuscripts, copies of treaties, books, stamps, etc for thirty odd years he said. But what surprised me even more his grandpa married to my auntie and  by tradition he would call me uncle. Keep it that way.

 I think our interest would bond us easily. According to him he knew me for long time, while I only vaguely remember seeing him at talks to do with history of Borneo, for example, at Sabah Society we attended recently . He has a group of similar interest and  prefer to be in cognito, but by my interpretation of their doings they could be travelling anywhere for Sabah's history.

I am proud to have known him. Perhaps my assistance could only go in as far as writing tiny portion base on my order of priority's interests that being said, only if time and health permits~amdesidik


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