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                                  I don't really know where to even start to try to explain the mixed emotions I have right now with our current relationship, I know one thing for sure is that I'm really I'm not just surprised but I'm also really I'm scared to death of the love I have for you, especially after the way we broke it off the first time we were together.
Baby, I hope that you don't just understand but that you also realize that I'm very very scared of being hurt, as well as being abused once again by the one person who is supposed to love, Care, and protect me from all bad things happening to me unconditionally at least to their very best ablity to protect me.  Baby, I think what has me the most scared is how fast I have grown to fall not just back in love with you but how deeply I have and I guess it's safe to say that Im still falling in love with you, even after how we broke up from our first time getting hooked up with each other, Baby all I'm saying and asking for is please, please whatever you do please just don't let me down and let me get hurt or aboused again because baby I know that if I was to get hurt or aboused again that I won't be able to bounce back and love someone like I have you let alone be able to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart or whatever is left of me again it has and still is killing me from the last person who I actually thought was different than all the rest that they could actually love me for me and treat me like a real woman is supposed to be treated, meaning not to hurt or to abouse me like they had let alone about put me 6ft under without even bothering them that they actually thought they had killed me and shoved me out the truck door backwards then just locking the door and acting as if nothing ever happened. Baby call me crazy but I feel it deep down inside my heart and soul that you are the exact opposite of what I had just explained to you of what the last person who I thought loved and cared about me had done to me which has not only changed me as who I'm as a woman but also has left me with a lot of fears, scares and living nightmares that will more than likely be with me for the rest of my life, so again with all of that being said please I beg you please don't do anything to cause me more pain and heartache then they already have. Baby I know that we can make this work this time, we are a very strong couple then we ever wear before and I feel as though we love and have a whole lot more respect for one another then we could have ever imagined the first time around.  Don't ever forget that I love you and I always will love you forever and always!!
                                 Written By Yours 
                                Donna Ruttenbur


  • Jan 13, 2020

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