The Dark Figure Read Count : 24

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
    Every night before I lay my head on my pillow I look out my wind and I see nothing so I shut my curtains and sit the looking at a wall. A wall filled with only darkness so I decide to lay down a whisper goodnight to the ones who are far and near even if they cant hear it. Now that I said goodnight it is time for me to lay my head on my pillow I thought to myself as I stair into nothing but what I didn't think was that everything was about to go wrong. Oh how the smell of freshly washed pillows was as I fell asleep. As I fell asleep I soon remembered seeing a dark figure outside my window so I couldn't sleep so I decided to look but there was nothing so I thought to myself but that still didn't stop me from watching to see if it would return and as I suspected it came back but this time it wasn't a shadow but it sounded like nails running across the glass and as I sit there with swet running down my cheek I soon realized that my doorknob was starting to turn and now I'm so scared to move that my body is shaking but I think to myself you need to get it together before whatever it is gets in and without thinking I rush over to hold the door shut. And then the room goes completely silent until the door was pushed and I panicked and screamed go away.
                Written by levon 


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