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Within my bed, I lay. 

The window opened, allowing for the noises of man and machine to assault my room. 

The slight breeze against my face, as I allowed myself to drift into the next realm. 

Sleep, for the past year, has been escaping my grasp whilst fatigue in the early hours is always there to mock and insult my body and eyes. 

But, for the moments that I do sleep, I escape into a different realm that has been born from my yearnings. 

I feel the breeze move along my face and open my eyes to find that I inhabit, not my bed or my room, but a strange world. 

The grass proudly stood tall as it cushioned my body. I abruptly sat upwards and surveyed my surroundings. I was within a forest of some kind, trees stood close together as if marching off to war. 

A few feet from where I lay, a mountain that stretched to the stars high in the heavens above. There was an opening and, oddly, I felt drawn to it. I stood up and made my way towards it and found that it led downwards, below the surface. 

Perfectly chiseled stairs, leading down to an unknown destination, intrigued the adventurer within me. The first two steps led to the sudden closing of the entrance behind me, it was silent but swift.

The journey seemed dangerous at the moment, a ray of lights shining down to the very bottom of the stairs illuminated my descent. They were shiny, reflective, and I couldn't resist but to touch the hard, smooth surface of them.

The bottom of the stairs brought me to a wondrous sight, such a sight that only strengthened my desire to be more linked with nature than I already be. 

Water filled the entirety of the area, yet there were square stones that allowed me to maneuver the substance with ease. The end of the stones, brought me to a small, grass hill where a pink tree sat, alone. Fireflies flickered on and off, there be so many that I dared not to count.

The roar of water easily captured my attention and I swung my gaze to a small waterfall of light blue water that poured into the area.

The area was wide and tall illuminated in a light blue glow from the water, and pink leaves floated along. The walls were coated with dark blue, smooth ancient drawings of my mother. Her army of flowers and trees, of water and birds, of grass and leaves.

My desires had finally been realized, and I walked along the stones to my destination. I layed below the tree, where the soft sound of rushing water eased me. 

It smelled of fresh water. 

I awoke to the sound of the moving machines outside, there I layed in my bed. 

Such a dream that was.

Such a dream.


  • Jan 13, 2020

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