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Several gallons poured into this pot is what we call life. 
Without it, there's no taste, no substance, no point. 
Giving us the abilities to take a risk, to roll the dice.
The world turns in this galaxy as one of the universes joints. 

Tons of love that is always there to give and offered, freely. 
Being careful because it's very potent, and often misconstrued. 
Taking small sips, drinking with wisdom, keenly. 
An over abundance could an accidental self abuse.  

Seasoned, moderately, with liberty. 
Remembering that this is one attribute that many don't have. 
Enjoying our freedoms with serenity. 
Sharing with our friends and family, the greatest salve. 

This is my elixir as it doesn't have to be harmful. 
Just paying close attention to all that I do. 
I've, occasionally, overdone the ingredients and it was quite painful. 
Let these words be a lesson for me, and for you. 


  • Awesome job

    Jan 13, 2020

  • you are sooo talented. can't wait to see your future endeavors.

    Jan 13, 2020

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